Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is an Online Booking System important?
Booking made over the Internet, cut your operating cost, attract affluent customers and reduce your dependency on traditional channels, which are expensive. Now you can provide your customers with faster, easier and guaranteed access to your inventory 24 X 7, enhance your brand visibility, cut through the lethargy of intermediary channels and build customer loyalty through direct interaction.
Q: I already have a reservation page on my website; do I really need an internet reservation system?
A reservations page will only generate leads; it will not guarantee a closed sale. Only when the guest has paid do we consider it as a reservation. Most online hotel reservation systems cannot deliver this. Booking OnClick comes with an in-built multi-currency, multi-payment options payment gateway, so you can close the sale instantly.
Q: Can Booking OnClick be integrated into my existing website?
Yes, Booking OnClick is fully compatible with all web programming platforms and so can be integrated with your existing hotel website.
Q: How many users / administrators can I add to manage my booking system?
Virtually limitless; you can add as many users and sub-administrators as you like. You will continue to remain the main Administrator will the privilege to define specific rights to different users.
Q: Can customers check room availability before making a reservation?
Yes, Booking OnClick has been designed with an easy-to-use interface that allows customers to check room availability, select their rooms and then make a reservation for the selected rooms. The booking will be directly entered into the hotel’s main reservation system.
Q: Which software do I need to install to use Booking OnClick?
Booking OnClick is a Web based software. It does not require high end hardware solutions but just requires good internet connection that is easily available worldwide. There is no need to install any software.
Q: What is the hardware requirement to use Booking OnClick?
A normal computer that you use at your office or home and which could connect to internet will suffice the requirement. This helps hotels to save their money from the investment in high end hardware. With this System N number of hotel users can login and provide service to guest, which helps to save time of hotel and Hotel's precious guests.
Q: What type of Internet connection do I need?
You can use Booking OnClick on dial-up or High Speed internet connection. We emphasize on having a stable connection rather than the speed. Also make sure that you have a backup internet connection ready if the primary goes off.
Q: What about browser compatibility? Which browsers are supported?
Booking OnClick supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.
Q: Can I access Booking OnClick anytime, anywhere?
Booking OnClick is available worldwide. It is as simple as you accessing your emails on Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail account. You just require a computer with internet connection.
Q: What type of Multi-language do you support?
Yes, We understand every users needs in today's internet experience which is not powered by single language anymore. Our hotel booking system come with multi-lingual features that let you use as many languages on your website as you wish. You can add as many translated version of your website online as you like without compromising on SEO features.
Q: Can you customize this product for me?
Unfortunately we do not provide custom development. We believe that we have become one of the leading development firms in our space by focusing on the improvement of our products as opposed to spending the majority of our time focusing on product modifications. However, you will find that our code is of very high quality.

If you were to hire a skilled, local developer they should be able to make any modifications you need in order for our product to satisfy your project requirements."
Q: Is this installed on my web server?
Yes, Booking OnClick is installed directly on your web server, which means no monthly fees and no transaction fees, email fees, etc. Booking OnClick can be installed on virtually any shared web hosting account and does not require a dedicated server.
Q: Is Booking OnClick very complicated to use?
No. Booking OnClick is extremely user-friendly. It empowers you to operate effectively, efficiently and economically from Day One of the implementation. Further, due to the easy, self-explanatory features, your staff can master the system within a few hours, without any formal training!
Q: Booking OnClick seems fine for a big hotel chain, but will it work for my property?

The Booking OnClick is perfect for any property selling accommodation over the Internet. It works equally well for a small guesthouse as it does for an international hotel chain. Booking OnClick enables guests to check availability directly from your website or from the hotel page.

The challenge for any hotel today is how to increase the visibility and reach of its property at as low a cost as possible. The multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-payment options nature of the Booking OnClick allows your customers to have direct access to your property from anywhere in the world. The Booking OnClick offers you a unique opportunity by enabling you to compete with any hotel property with a distinct advantage.

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  • It is an ideal alternative to manually tracking customers. No longer is there a need to keep mounds of paper or lose customer details. Our Hotel Booking / Reservation System is designed to simplify the booking process over online and it allows you to get on with running your business.